Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Part 9 banned!

It's just a matter of time until they erase all my videos for copyright grounds.  Part 9, the most important video of the series "The Greatest Tragedy in Sports", has now been banned permanently after being up for nearly 4 years on youtube.  It also coincides with the selling of Star Wars to Disney (there is Star Wars music in the background of part 9) and since Disney owns ESPN, it makes sense for them to ban my video.  So congratulations to ESPN/Disney for being the bully that they are.  They can't win with truth, so they use their power to suppress certain individuals like myself.  It's really a miracle that you're even reading this at all.  


  1. Hey man, I wanted to get in contact with you some way, and figured this would be as good a way as any.

    First and foremost, congratulations on all your videos, including having Parts 2-5 of 'The Greatest Tragedy' re-instated (for the moment)- I can only imagine that you've had to fight hard to get to this point. I can but applaud you, and add that having viewed all your clips, that I really hope that you will continue your work in the future.

    Work such as yours and that of a select few others has piqued my curiosity as to the way in which the NBA operates. The lack of media analysis into allegations of corruption has always struck me as odd, as has the 'star-orientated' coverage of the NBA. Even though I love the game, something about the way that is is presented has always felt jarring to me.

    I've been watching some old playoff games from the past 25 years, and two in particular have struck me with regards to their eerie parallels with Game 6, 2002. The first game is Game 6 of the 1999 Eastern Conference Finals, Knicks-Pacers. The other is the opening game of the first round '91 Lakers-Rockets series.

    I'm assuming there's a good chance that you're already well aware of these games, particularly the fact that they were both reffed by Bavetta. Watching them back, I'm stunned more was not made of them at the time (although living on the other side of the world, I'm probably sheltered from some of the fallout, such that it is).

    Anyway, due to the fact that both of these games have been downloaded in their entirety to YouTube, I've been able to cobble together some 'lowlights' from these games.

    Publishing videos is not something I'm well versed in. I was wondering whether you'd be interested in viewing these clips in their raw, MovieMaker form, and giving me your considered opinion as to their worth and/or quality?

    Additionally, I was wondering if you have any tips as to the pits and pratfalls of 'copyright' issues and YouTube politics? In truth, I'm so far out of my depth with such things that I'd happily leave this footage in your capable hands, as a time-saver, if you thought it could be of any value in supplementing your work regarding Bavetta's corruption.

    You can reach me at if you're interested in viewing the clips as an attachment. Regardless, I hope to see more work from you soon, much respect.

    1. Thank you for your comment. I've been meaning to update this blog now since parts 2-3 are now back up on youtube. I was not aware of the Rockets vs Lakers game in 1991, so I appreciate you bringing this to my attention. Did you find these games on youtube? Because if you did I will be able to download them from there. As far as tips with copyright issues, I am just as clueless as you. I don't know why some videos get removed and some don't. I'm tempted to make videos without any music in the future to avoid them getting deleted. Thanks again and I appreciate all your comments on youtube.

    2. You're more than welcome.

      Yes Lakers-Rockets '91 is available in its entirety on YouTube, 15 parts or something like that. As I said, I've cut about 15 minutes worth of notable footage from it, if you'd like to use it for a sneak peek or a time-saver, I'm happy to send it to you.

      That '91 game had a really strange denouement- involved Bavetta 'persuading' Jack Madden to 'correct' his original (and accurate) call for a Lakers shot clock violation with a few seconds left to play. Byron Scott hit a jumper that put LA up by 3, but it was late in the time-honoured Samaki Walker tradtion.

      Entire game was dodgy though, a lot of strange calls.

      Knicks-Pacers Game 6 of '99 seemed equally dodgy to me, it just lacked a dramatic finale. Free throws were 33-9 the Knicks way, 35 Pacer fouls to 16. Bavetta ran the show from start to finish.

  2. Sorry, forgot to add a couple of tidbits. It only recently dawned on me that Hue Hollins was the ref quoted as saying he had been asked questions about Bavetta by federal investigators in 2008. The fact that both Hollins & Bavetta both worked Game 6 of the '99 ECF together makes it difficult to resist seeing a link between that game in particular and the questions, at least to my mind.

    This data concerning Bavetta's reffing of Bucks games also struck me as mind boggling- apologies if you've already come across it. As a stats buff, I'm sure you'll appreciate the statistical anomalies evident:

    No surprise that it comes via the work of an astute small-market fan, rather than a journalist worthy of the name. Unreal.

  3. Just finally got to see that link now. I'm curious what the games are like when Delaney and Bernhardt ref together (the other game 6 refs) because I know they worked many times with Bob as the head ref before game 6. Amazing that they chose Bavetta (clearly anti-King from game 1) with Delaney when they never officiated together. And what's even better is that all 3 refs officiated again in the 2002 Finals as some kind of reward for game 6 by the NBA.

    Right now I'm eager to see what the NBA does with the choice of Seattle or Sacramento for the Kings franchise. Thanks again for all the work. I'm still bitter that part 9 has been muted after being back with audio when part's 2 & 3 were "unsuspended".

    1. It will be fascinating to see what the NBA does with the Maloof sale- without expansion, they're risking some pretty bad publicity, whatever they decide.

      I don't blame you for being bitter that they've muted Part 9.. if it's any consolation, take the YouTube politics as a sure sign that you've rattled a few cages. You've actually done a better job at joining the dots than the media ever did, although I'd wager that your message goes over a lot of viewers' heads.

      What I found astounding re. Bavetta and Delaney is that the NBA had them work game 3 of the '02 Finals TOGETHER. I'm sure I remember reading somewhere that in the league's 'post mortem' regarding Game 6, the problematic officiating was partly explained away as having been a result of Bavetta and Delaney's frosty working relationship..

      So, not only were they 'penalised' for their Game 6 performances by being granted Finals slots, but the League was so untroubled by their chemistry that it had them work together again just a week later! Go figure.

      I see an eerie parallel between the 2000 WCF and the 2002 WCF- in 2000, Bavetta headed Game 3 in Portland, after the Blazers had won Game 2 in LA and stolen home-court advantage. The Lakers go on to win back their home-court advantage in Game 3, with Bavetta in charge.

      Two years later, Bavetta fronts for Game 1 in Sacramento and voila, the Lakers gain the home court advantage again. The Lakers went 4-0 in Bavetta reffed games in those two series, and 4-6 in games which he did not grace with his presence- coincidence?