Friday, August 17, 2012

The Greatest Tragedy in Sports part 6


Well it has finally happened.  YouTube found a way to decrease the traffic to my video after averaging about 20,000 views per day.  I don't know why all of a sudden the views would drop to only 1,000 per day, after never reaching a plateau or peak even ever since 2008, when it reached 978,000 views by 2011 before YouTube deleted my original channel titled NFLranking.  YouTube must be guilty of removing the flow of traffic I had reaching this video, since they're already guilty of deleting my original channel in the first place.  As it stands this video has nearly 1.3 million views and should have 2.3 millions views total if the original one was never removed.  I will in the future make one last 1-2 hour documentary about all of this:
        - The 3 bogus strikes by the NFL about my NFL videos
        - The interviews I did with ESPN and SI that were never published
        - The Conspiracy by YouTube to make channels like mine go unnoticed
        - The Conspiracy by the Maloofs to move out of Sacramento's small market.
        - The Twitter revolution
        - Tim Donaghy's book
        - The Book titled "Gaming the Game" about Donaghy's bookie
        - The Fix is In by Brian Tuohy
        - "Why the NBA is Declining" the video that was on SI.COM
        - Parts 1-9 of "The Greatest Tragedy in Sports"
        - The JFK Conspiracy (yes because I see too many similarities in Donaghy & Oswald)
        - The NBA post 2008
        - And ultimately why I felt obligated to produce "The Greatest Tragedy in Sports"


  1. Dude are you ever going to reupload the other videos?? Like parts 2,3,4 and 5 and the audio of part 9?? You're videos are probably the most important shit in youtube in terms of sports bro.... Please don't let them silence you. And maybe if you could upload them here on this blog?? Is it posible? And just write in your videos descriptions the link to this blog?? And what about that documental you're talking about?? Man I watched the whole series some years ago and I just loved it.... Don't let that relique of youtube get lost, save it, protect it, if you need someone to upload the videos I could do that too, or just create another account bro. I really want to watch those vids again.... You did a great job!

  2. Thank you, I will admit I've been silent on the NBA for some time and I have no problem telling you why. However Stern has a problem with his silence on Donald Sterling, and will not tell anyone why he never fined/suspended the man in the first place. The media dodging this topic is bringing back memories of Donaghy's allegations of 2002 which could be just the perfect motivation for my return to youtube.